Fluoride treatment is an essential preventive procedure that is recommended for both children and adults. Fluoride is a mineral that develops naturally in the earth’s crust, food, water, and dental products such as mouthwashes and toothpaste. It is also nature’s cavity-fighting agent.

Despite its effectiveness in preventing cavities, fluoride treatments are refused by 13% of parents for their children. They are unresolved about the safety and efficacy of fluoride. Yes, parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety of fluoride treatments. But, before you ignore fluoride treatment, here’s what you should know.

Why Is Fluoride Important To Children?

Cavities affect children more than adults. According to some research, one out of every two children will develop dental cavities at some point during their childhood. This is primarily due to poor dental hygiene and a preference for high-sugar foods.

Our mouth is filled with acid-producing bacteria that feed on sugar. The more sugary foods consumed, the more acid is produced. Acid eats away at the enamel, causing small holes to form on the teeth. Fluoride not only strengthens the enamel but also balances the pH of the mouth.

Is Fluoride Safe For Kids?

Yes! Fluoride is completely safe for children when consumed in the recommended dose.

While too much fluoride in childhood can cause fluorosis, which causes white spots of the enamel. Most fluorosis cases are mild, and consuming too much fluoride is less common than not receiving enough fluoride.

Consult your paediatric dentist in Hoppers Crossing if you are concerned that your child is receiving too much fluoride. At Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist, our dentists can assist you in determining the correct amount of fluoride to keep your child’s teeth strong.

What Is Topical Fluoride Treatment?

Topical fluoride treatment is an adhesive anticipatory agent that is applied to tooth enamel after a professional mouth washing. The fluoride treatment is coated onto your teeth by a professional dentist. It is often advised to wait a few hours before drinking hot beverages or brushing your teeth so that the fluoride treatment can strengthen and protect your teeth!

What Is Fluoride Treatment for Children, and How Does It Work?

A fluoride treatment is when a dentist puts on topical fluoride to the teeth. While dentists can use a foam or ointment in a fluoride tray that a child tastes into, they usually use varnish for kids’ fluoride treatments. Hoppers Crossing dentists simply paint the varnish on your child’s teeth after they have had their teeth cleaned. The complete procedure takes a few minutes and is fully painless.

At Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist, our dentists discovered that applying the varnish is quicker and more tolerable than some of the other methods. It is also suitable for younger children because the varnish is toughened when it comes into contact with saliva, so your child won’t swallow it or lick it off.

Most parents ask when their children can eat after receiving a fluoride treatment? Well, our specialists advise them to eat or drink about 30 minutes after receiving the fluoride varnish and at least 4 to 6 hours before brushing their teeth.

When Should Children Get A Fluoride Treatment?

Unless your child is at a particularly high risk of tooth decay, Hoppers Crossing dentists generally recommend fluoride treatments for children twice a year. At your child’s first dental visit, your dentist will discuss your child’s fluoride intake and determine when it would be advantageous to start fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments should be continued until the child is at least 16 years old.

Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist For Your Kid’s Fluoride Treatment

Now that you understand how fluoride treatments work and why they are important, the next step is to consult with our caring dentist at Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist. Make an appointment with our experienced dentists today to find out if your child could benefit from fluoride treatments in Hoppers Crossing.

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