Getting trouble with removable dentures for their poor fit? It is time to get rid of these and get a permanent denture in Hoppers Crossing. Poor fit and wobbly removable dentures are a cause of trouble for many who wear them. They can even damage your dental health instead of doing good. If any of your teeth are missing, there are also various treatment choices available for restoring the function and giving you a beautiful smile.

If you are still wondering about your decision, remember that the best and most budget-friendly technique to replace your missing teeth is by opting for dentures. Though removal dentures are still widely in use, in case they are not properly fitted, the removable dentures can start to get loose and, with time, will tend to shift, leading to discomfort during speaking and eating. Wearing dentures for a long time can even result in the shrinkage of your jawbone. Another complaint often made by the users is linked to the sticky and messy adhesives. Fortunately, all these issues can be solved just in the blink of your eye with our permanent denture service.

Permanent Dentures And Their Different Types

Advanced dental procedures have given a lot of advantages to patients these days who wish to resolve their dental issues, especially with permanent dentures. Non-removable or fixed dentures are simply denture devices that come with a row of prosthetic teeth that are connected tactfully to a framework held in a firm position by the dental implants. If you choose to get a permanent denture in Hoppers Crossing, you will enjoy your freedom to eat, bite, chew, talk and freely smile without being scared of the prosthetic teeth sliding or slipping while carrying out your day-to-day activities. Typically, the process related to the placement of these dentures involves a thorough oral checkup by our dentists, followed by conducting a scan of the jawbone so as to determine the implant placement location. This commonly involves two just behind the jawbone and the other two in the anterior region.

Once you complete the healing time period, your permanent dentures will be fixed to your implants and during this time, the implants will fuse biologically to your jawbone in the process referred to as ‘osseointegration.’

Just like all other dental health procedures, there is a lack of any perfect method that can help to replace your lost teeth, but permanent dentures definitely are one of the most popular options in use.

What are the Pros and Cons of permanent dentures?

Deciding whether to get permanent dentures in Hoppers Crossing depends on the pros and cons it comes with. So before you go ahead, take a look at some of the pros and cons permanent denture has for your dental health.

Pros of Permanent Dentures:

  • Permanent dentures in comparison to conventional implants come with a relatively short surgery and convenient healing period. It also involves a less invasive process with almost negligible post-surgery discomfort.
  • The use of permanent dentures helps you to freely and comfortably eat, chew and talk without the risk of sliding down like that is a case of removable dentures
  • You will enjoy an even distraction of the biting force with permanent dentures
  • Permanent dentures are robust as well as long-lasting
  • They are almost maintenance-free and cleaning can be done without the need to remove them
  • Permanent dentures call for a significantly low number of dental implants
  • They support almost any type of facial features giving a youthful and natural look to the patients
  • Getting permanent dentures is the best thing over removing dentures if you are concerned about comfort and better fit.

Cons Of Wearing Permanent Dentures

While everything comes with some pros and cons, talking about your decision to get permanent dentures in Hoppers Crossing is relatively safe. Though it comes with a surgical process, the recovery period is fast. However, any ignorance of your dental health post-surgery can give birth to inflammation and infection. Also, some may find permanent dentures slightly costly, but with Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist, you can enjoy good rates and discounts.

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