Many people are worried about Gummy Smile. They want to get rid of it, however, they don’t know how. Some people have the Gummy Smile, but they don’t notice it by themselves because they don’t know what a gummy smile is. Either they don’t have any idea about the gummy smile or they don’t bother about it. But the others do. The other people notice your gummy smile and they notice most of your things that you don’t.

What is a Gummy Smile?

There are gum tissues above the top teeth. When there is an excessive display of those gum tissues, your smile is gummy. Well, the display of gums varies from person to person. Some people’s gums appear to be two millimetres or less than that. According to our dentists in Hoppers Crossing, the smile in which the appearance of the gums is up to two millimetres cannot be categorised as a gummy smile.

On the other hand, the exposure of the gums up to three or more than three millimetres in your smile makes your smile gummy. According to research, gummy smiles are more common in women than men.

There are several causes of gummy smile, such as short teeth covered by gum tissues; teeth are shorter than the gums because of genetics; shortness of upper lip; and the hyperactivity of the upper lip, the state in which it lifts too high and exposes the gum tissue.

Effects of Gummy Smile

Gummy smiles can have gross effects on someone’s personality. You may lose confidence in public, become self-conscious and too anxious about your gummy smile.

Treatment of Gummy Smile Through Lip Lift

If you have got a gummy smile, there is no need to worry about it. It can be treated with several methods. Lip repositioning or lip lifting is one of them. If your gummy smile is due to your lips, our caring dentists may suggest the surgery of repositioning of the lips. Through the repositioning surgery, the position of the lips is changed according to your teeth. The lips are positioned in such a way as your gummy smile disappears, and you get an alluring and attractive smile.

You might be thinking how the surgery will be done. A part of the connective tissue from the inner side of the upper lip is removed. This is done in order to prevent the lifting of the muscles located between your lip and nose so that your upper lip may not be lifted too high above your teeth. So, a gummy smile can be treated through Lip Lifting surgery.

Types of Lip Lifting Surgery

Lip lifting surgery can be done in different ways, which are important for you to know if you have a gummy smile and want to have a surgery.

Direct Lip Lift:

It involves the removal of a thin strip of skin just above the upper lip and pulling of the skin upwards to create the illusion of a more prominent vermillion, which is the pink part of the lips.

Sub Nasal Bullhorn:

It involves the making of an incision along the side of the base of the nose. This process is a more common way of lip lift surgery. The incision is made just like the shape of a bull horn and the lip is lifted toward the nose.

Central Lip Lift:

It is like the sub nasal bullhorn lift. An incision is made at the lower nose and the space between the nose and lips is reduced.

Corner Lip Lift:

It is done by giving a small cut at both of the corners of the mouth and removing a small strip of skin.

Italian Lip Lift:

It is remarkable for two incisions below both of the nostrils. The Italian Lip Lift method leaves a less visible scar. It also resembles the Sub Nasal Bull horn surgery.

So if you have a gummy smile, don’t worry at all. You can have an alluring smile after taking treatment and particularly after Lip Lift Surgery.

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