Gum inflammation is a prevalent feature of gingivitis or gum disease, a periodontal disease. Swollen, sensitive, red, and bleeding gums are frequent signs of gingivitis.

A bacterial infection spreading to the gums due to plaque buildup is the leading cause of gingivitis. When dental hygiene is neglected, it can impact both kids and adults.

Saliva has the potential to spread the bacterium that causes gingivitis. This implies that regardless of whether there is obvious inflammation if you have gingivitis, you can spread those bacteria through saliva-to-saliva contact. They may be more susceptible to developing gingivitis from this encounter if the other person has poor overall tooth health.

Here, we will discuss the contagiousness of gum disease and how to prevent it from occurring or spreading by maintaining good oral health.

Is Gum Disease in Hoppers Crossing Contagious? How Gum Disease and Gingivitis Spread?

According to studies, periodontal disease is not infectious. However, the bacteria that causes the inflammation is contagious and can pass from person to person through saliva.

Therefore, if you have gum disease, you can pass the bacteria that causes it to another person through contact with their saliva.

Having said that, as long as you maintain good dental hygiene, it’s unlikely that you’ll get gingivitis by just coming into contact with someone else’s saliva. These disorders arise as a result of bacterial exposure and inadequate oral hygiene.

Let’s now examine how gum disease spreads and how you may protect your smile.

Sharing Food, Drinks, and Utensils

The germs in your saliva can spread through the use of cups, straws, and other eating implements. Sharing these things with others while you have a periodontal condition can spread this bacteria to them, especially if they practise poor dental hygiene.


Kissing can include a direct saliva exchange, so if you have poor dental hygiene and are kissing someone with gingivitis, you risk catching the bacteria and developing the condition yourself.

Don’t worry; we are not suggesting that kissing is forbidden! We recommend regular flossing, washing your teeth, and arranging for routine cleanings and examinations to avoid gum disease.

However, you should hold off on kissing until your Hoppers Crossing dentist has examined you to see if your gums are bleeding or if you’ve observed irritation in your mouth.

How To Prevent Gingivitis?

Maintaining the health of your mouth requires taking preventative measures against periodontal disorders like gingivitis. Here are some tips for keeping your mouth healthy and avoiding gingivitis.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene is a lifelong practise of healthy habits that keep your teeth and gums healthy, like daily brushing and flossing.

Using high-quality fluoride toothpaste and flossing regularly will help you maintain clean teeth free of plaque buildup and food particles.

Schedule regular dental appointments

Adults also require routine dental care; they should visit the dentist every six months.

Plaque accumulation that leads to gingivitis can be avoided by having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year. A dental exam can be performed to identify and address any conditions that might cause gingivitis or periodontitis.

Maintaining good health

It should be no surprise that having a healthy tongue contributes to a healthy body. Chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes can harm your mouth’s delicate tissue, resulting in poor dental health.

Thus, our Hoppers Crossing dentist recommends eating fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, which can support healthy gums. On the other hand, a balanced diet rich in whole foods and nutrients can support healthy dental health.

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