Fluoride is often referred to as a natural cavity fighter and is one of the prime ingredients used in various dental products. This includes mouthwashes, toothpaste, medical drops, tablets, and even water. But what is fluoride? This is a mineral naturally occurring in water and food. Besides finding used in dental products, it is loaded with various other benefits. Not known to many, intake of fluoride-enriched water helps in hardening and strengthening your enamel. It helps in strengthening the bone density and offering optimum protection to your teeth from decay and cavities. However, there are a lot of myths related to the administration of fluoride in humans, especially in dental products and water. This blog will assist you to learn about different fluoride facts and myths in Hoppers Crossing. Keep scrolling down…

4 Popular Myths And Facts About The Use Of Fluoride In Dental Products

Fluoride is a very controversial subject. A lot of people have a very strong feeling about issues concerning the use of Fluoride. Other than mandatory vaccinations, none of the public health policies followed in and around the world has been able to generate such a strong debate as fluoride. According to the American Dental Association, the use of fluoride is effective and safe in preventing dental cavities and tooth decay in adults and children. Yet, these below-mentioned fluoride facts and myths in Hoppers Crossing still prevail and are discussed below:

Myth or Fact- Fluoride Lowers IQ in Children

Fact: It is true as per a study that has been published in the Environmental Health Perspectives. It suggests that any kind of prenatal exposure to the use of fluoride results in lowering IQ scores in Children. However, this is just a bit of the other part of the story. The study was conducted in Mexico- a country with the naturally occurring source of fluoride is high, resulting in higher fluoride levels in community water. Also, fluoride is added here to salt. Other studies conducted in the USA, however, go against this statement. According to ADA, water fluoridation projects in the USA are safe and effective, concluding that research conducted in Mexico is inapplicable to the children in America.

Myth or Fact- Fluoride enriched Toothpaste should not be given to children

Myth: All children must use toothpaste with fluoride. American Dental Association once suggested children below the age of 3 not use fluoride toothpaste or fluoride water in order to protect them from the risks of swallowing fluoride. However, today after considerable research work, ADA recommends children of all ages use fluoride toothpaste in an amount equal to the size of a rice grain. This amount will provide your teeth will all benefits that the use of fluoride has on your dental health and won’t prove harmful even if accidentally swallowed.

Myth or Fact- Fluoride is a toxic substance

Fact- Fluoride can be toxic if taken in excess, just like anything in excess can prove harmful to your health. It is very easy to make people fool just with the use of words like ‘toxic’. But do you know that water can even be toxic if you end up having a lot more of it than what your body needs? It is just the amount you consume that makes everything toxic. While exposure to a lot of fluorides is certainly a health concern, however, as per the World Health Organization, water fluoridization projects conducted by the municipalities are not a real cause. On the other hand, the administration of fluoride-enriched dental products remains well within the recommended intake of fluoride. The debate on fluoride facts and myths in Hoppers Crossing also suggests people using fluoride dental products should rinse their mouth properly after each use. Also, keep the fluoride products out of reach from children to prevent excess intake.

Myth or Fact- Use of Fluoride harm your teeth than doing good

Myth- While it is a myth, but also a fact in certain cases. The damage you can end up with the use of fluoride is termed- dental fluorosis. It occurs in young children and even babies when they are exposed to an excessive amount of fluoride, just at the time when their permanent teeth are growing. The damage is noticeable in the form of white spots on the teeth. Fortunately, these spots are very much cosmetic and can be treated easily. Hence, this damage barely qualifies as a concerning one.

Do your Research Right

It is very important to do research on the product you are using to improve your kid’s or your dental health. Remember anything in excess can be harmful. It is always best to use fluoride-enriched dental products recommended by a qualified dentist to stay away from any issues.

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