EMS Airflow

Minimal Invasive Teeth Cleaning to Restore Confident Smiles in Hoppers Crossing

We are pleased to bring you the latest and modern dental hygiene technology, EMS AIRFLOW, that quickly, gently and effectively cleans your teeth. The Swiss-Made EMS AIRFLOW and a Guided Biofilm Therapy treatment is a revolutionary and non-contact form of maintaining dental health and smile. The EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master has been designed for intensive use and has unique ergonomics and high precision, which helps clean your teeth with little to no discomfort.


EMS Airflow


EMS AIRFLOW technology is an innovative and most advanced technology that uses guided biofilm therapy for effective and comfortable dental cleaning. This device projects a controlled stream of air, warm water and very fine sweet powder to clean teeth gently, effectively and quickly.

The EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master is particularly built to cater to the three-core treatments of the Guided Biofilm Therapy. In addition, it has been designed to deliver the highest standards of precision, performance, safety, and comfort.

The most significant advantage of this state-of-the-art EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master technology is that the high-pressure water/air stream can clean your teeth efficiently and can also effectively clean hard-to-reach areas to dislodge and remove food particles, stains, plaque and discolouration.

Unlike the traditional methods, this innovative and non-contact formula removes stains and cleans teeth without any mess, cold water, scraping, or uncomfortable noises. In conventional methods, the ultrasonic scalers use cold water on your teeth. This cold water and vibrating sensations are a must for removing the tartar build-up on your teeth. This new technology, EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master, changes how your teeth are cleaned and eliminates the discomfort from the teeth cleaning process. In this technology, water can be warmed up to 40 degrees Celsius, which reduces the sensitivity. Apart from being messy and time-consuming, the conventional methods can leave you with a bad taste in the mouth which is not the case with EMS AIRFLOW. It is a very comfortable process where our dentist gently exfoliates your teeth with the help of AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master.

How Does EMS AIRFLOW And a Guided Biofilm Therapy Treatment Works?

The dental biofilm, commonly known as plaque, contains bacteria. If left untreated, the bacteria spreads and multiplies and causes gum diseases. While using the EMS AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master device, our dentists place a coloured dye on your teeth to disclose any biofilm/plaque that has built up in your mouth. Moreover, it also highlights the areas you need to brush more carefully to avoid plaque. Then our dentist will efficiently remove the biofilm that is built up with the help of AIRFLOW. The removal of plaque is essential to prevent and treat gingivitis (gum disease) and periodontitis.

AIRFLOW can also be used to clean orthodontic brackets and dentures and for reducing the loss of implants and minimise peri-implantitis. Moreover, the AIRFLOW Plus powder efficiently remove plaque, stains, and young calculus, thereby reducing the amount of time an ultrasonic is required to make the process quick and more comfortable. Book an appointment now to experience this new way of teeth cleaning and improving oral health.

Oral Application of EMS Airflow

The EMS Airflow is effective for several oral applications and can be used to clean the following areas:

Above cementoenamel Junction

Around the brackets


Tongue and palate

Primary Teeth


Pits and fissures


Exposed dentine

Prior to composite restoration

Around implants

Before teeth whitening

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need EMS Airflow GBT?

We suggest EMS Airflow GBT for patients who regularly visit our clinic for plaque clean-up. We have included EMS Airflow GBT in our teeth cleaning programs for no extra cost at all.

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is dental plaque – a collection of microorganisms that grow on the surface of your teeth and gums. You can manage plaque at home with regular brushing and flossing, as well as laying off sugary foods and drinks and not smoking.

What are the eight steps of EMS Airflow GBT?

Teeth Evaluation and Infection Control – One of our experienced dentists checks your teeth and gums. They identify healthy teeth and gums and implants (if present). They also look for signs of gum inflammation, cavities and gum disease. Our dentist then uses a mouthwash to cleanse your mouth of any microbes.

Disclose – The dentist then applies a solution over your teeth and gums. The solution comprises a special dye that turns deep indigo in colour on coming in contact with plaque. This way, they can easily locate the plaque deposits.

Inform – The dentist then informs and shows the location of the plaque to the patient.

Airflow – The EMS Airflow tool is then used to get rid of stains and plaque from teeth, gums, crowns, implants and bridges. The tool effectively cleans and polishes the teeth and gums in a minimally invasive way. This is done in just a single process. Airflow is extremely gentle over the teeth and feels like a dental spa!

Perio Flow – Perio Flow may be needed for patients only if the plaque is seated deep over the teeth, gums, or implants.

Piezon – The Piezon is a special attachment and may be used by our dentist on patients who are looking forward to painless deep-cleaning of their teeth.

Check and control – Finally, the dental rechecks the teeth and gums of the patient to ensure they have plaque-free and healthy teeth. They also apply a layer of fluoride to the teeth for protection.

Follow-Up – Our staff will follow-up on your contact details shared with us to ensure that you have your teeth cleaned at regular intervals using the EMS Airflow GBT program.

How is the EMS Airflow GBT program different from traditional teeth cleaning methods?

Here are some ways how the EMS GBT program is different from traditional teeth cleaning methods:

  • Compared to the traditional teeth cleaning methods, EMS Airflow GBT takes almost half the time and sometimes less to clean your teeth.
  • Dental scrapers are used in traditional teeth cleaning methods to remove the plaque deposited over teeth and gums, which tends to have some impact on the dental enamel. However, EMS Airflow GBT uses air pressure to clean the plaque which is less harmful to the dental enamel.
  • Several patients suffer from dental anxiety because of the noise which is emitted when manual dental scrapers are used to clean teeth. The EMS Airflow GBT tool offers a noiseless procedure and doesn’t bother the patients.
  • EMS Airflow GBT procedure offers deep-cleaning of the teeth compared to the traditional methods of cleaning teeth. EMS Airflow GBT cleans areas that are often left when using manual teeth cleaning.

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