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ClearCorrect Aligners in Hoppers Crossing

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ClearCorrect Aligners in Hoppers Crossing

How would you feel when you can smile without feeling shy about the braces that you are wearing? ClearCorrect aligners give you the freedom to smile as they work to correct your teeth alignment. These aligners have become quite popular in orthodontics as people prefer to use ClearCorrect aligners over metal braces.

ClearCorrect sit comfortably over your teeth and move them slowly in their right position. A new set of aligners are given after using the first set for two weeks, which is used until your teeth are set.

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It has been observed that straightening teeth with Invisalign aligners takes less time when compared to aligning teeth with metal braces. ClearCorrect clearly outweighs traditional metal braces when it comes to aesthetics and comfort.

What are ClearCorrect Aligners?

What are ClearCorrect Aligners-hoppers crossing dentist
ClearCorrect aligners were developed by a US-based company in 2006. Since then, the aligners have helped several people achieve their dream smile without having to get conventional metal braces. They are made from a thinner polyurethane resin material, making it hardly visible to others but also easy to maintain and take off when required. The material used is meant to work faster than traditional braces and Invisalign. BPA and phthalates are not used in these aligners, and they are FDA approved.

The process of correcting teeth is quite similar to Invisalign. ClearCorrect aligners are set over the patient’s teeth in sets for specific periods. Patients must visit us as requested by our dentist so they can check the progress of your teeth alignment.

What are ClearCorrect Aligners-hoppers crossing dentist

Why Choose ClearCorrect?

Dentists and patients prefer ClearCorrect aligners to conventional wires and brackets because of certain advantages like:

Almost invisible

No hindrance to brushing and flossing

Can be easily removed by you when required

Lesser time taken to align the teeth

No dietary restrictions

Process of ClearCorrect Treatment in Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist


Consultation-hoppers crossing dentist


At Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist, we arrange a complimentary consultation session for you with our dentist before deciding the treatment for you. Our dentist will click several pictures and x-rays before commencing with a treatment plan. Moulds of your teeth are taken to custom create clear aligners for you. We also use advanced software to virtually show you what your final results would look like.
Once you agree to the treatment plan, we custom create your ClearCorrect aligners.

Regular Check-ups

Regular Check-ups -hoppers crossing dentist

Regular Check-ups

After we have set the ClearCorrect aligners for you, we will follow up after two weeks to see if the aligners are doing their job. We will schedule an appointment with our dentist so he can examine the progress. After a couple of two weekly appointments, we may call you after 8 to 12 weeks. Depending on the severity of your condition, your teeth may take anywhere between 6 and 24 months to align. If you wear them continuously as directed by our dentist, then the aligning process is quicker.

What is the Cost of Getting Clear Correct Aligners?

What is the Cost of Getting ClearCorrect Aligners-hoppers crossing dentist

What is the Cost of Getting Clear Correct Aligners?

Depending on how complex your teeth are and the time taken for them to straighten, it may cost you anywhere between $6000 and $7500. This cost mentioned is calculated for treatment that would last between 9 to 18 months. The cost for your treatment may be more or less, depending on the time taken for the teeth to align.

If you happen to lose your ClearCorrect aligners, we will help you provide a replacement for an additional cost of $200 to $250 per retainer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Care for My Teeth Aligners?

ClearCorrect aligners are removable and pose no obstruction to your brushing and flossing routine. Since the aligners can be removed, you can just clean them as instructed by our dentists at Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist.

How Many Hours a Day Should I Wear the Aligners for?

You must wear your aligners for at least 22 hours each day. The lesser hours you wear, the longer the time for treatment. They work best when you have them on throughout the day and remove them only when you have to brush and floss or clean them.

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