When you need a tooth pulled or have a missing tooth, dental implants in Williams Landing are an excellent way to restore your attractive smile. Traditional dental implants might take several months to complete, especially if a bone graft is required. However, same-day dental implants can restore your smile in rapid time.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a perfect candidate for same-day dental implants. But if our expert dentists in Williams Landing approve, you can replace your teeth more quickly. Here’s an overview of the approach and who qualifies for it.

What Are Same-Day Dental Implants?

Can you receive dental implants in Williams Landing on the same day? It may appear difficult to fit a brand new set of teeth in a single day, yet it is not only doable but also chosen by an increasing number of Williams Landing dental patients. Tooth extraction and dental implant placement in one day may appear difficult, but developments in equipment and surgical methods have made it possible.

How do same-day dental implants work? The procedure operates as follows:

  • The dentist puts the implant in place after a tooth is extracted.
  • You are fitted with a temporary denture, as the implants can’t support a full crown until the gums have had time to recover.
  • Installing a single tooth implant can take as little as 30 minutes.
  • Implant placement and multiple tooth extraction can take two to three hours.
  • Until your permanent crowns are prepared, you are fitted with temporary crowns.

The Benefits Of Same-Day Dental Implants

The following are some benefits of same-day implants:

  • In a single procedure, the doctor inserts the complete implant. The patient does not need to undergo another surgery to witness the final outcome. There are various advantages to only having one surgery. The dentist and dental procedures cause fear in many individuals. Less fear results in fewer dental appointments.
  • Following surgery, patients are discharged with completed implants. Patients will see a full mouth of natural-looking teeth while they are still recovering. The dentist in Williams Landing covers the implants with temporary caps that are both functional and lifelike. The temporary caps can be swapped out for permanent ones without extra surgery.
  • Although the dental implant procedure occurs in a single day, the teeth still appear natural. Patients who previously felt uncomfortable smiling or laughing can do so with ease now. The new dental implants look just as good as the teeth they are replacing because the dentist matches the implant cap color to the surrounding teeth. Patients can engage in their typical daily activities once the soreness subsides.
  • The gums can start to heal around the implants sooner because same-day dental implant surgery only requires one office visit. The soft tissues of the mouth are only affected once during surgery. Additionally, the jawbone might adhere to the implants more quickly. Since the implants will be there, there won’t be any empty pockets of tissue that could contract an infection.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Same-day dental implant surgery has many advantages. However, healthy patients have a higher likelihood of success. Smokers are less likely to benefit from same-day implants than nonsmokers. Ideal patients are those who already maintain decent dental hygiene. With the implants, patients can maintain their current hygiene routines. However, a healthy jawbone with enough bone for the implant to connect is the most crucial component for same-day dental implant surgery.

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