For some people, going to the dentist can be a difficult task. It could be something that someone isn’t particularly excited about, but they do it anyway. However, some people experience genuine anxiety and fear when confronted with the prospect of even having their teeth cleaned. This is often amplified when it comes to more invasive procedures.

At Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist, our constant goal is to create a welcoming and calming environment for everyone who walks into our practice. This is not always sufficient.

Sedation dentistry may offer a solution for those who experience a lot of anxiety during the procedure, allowing you to remain calm and happy during the procedure. Putting off dental procedures can end up costing you more in the long run, and sedation allows you to get them done sooner rather than later. Here, we will discuss 5 major reasons to consider sedation dentistry in Hoppers Crossing.

5 Reasons To Consider Sedation Dentistry


1.     No pain or Nervousness

Most patients associate dental anxiety with fear of discomfort. If you choose sedation dentistry, you won’t have to worry about feeling any pain. If needed, your dentist will still use a local anaesthetic to numb your mouth before performing any work to ensure that you are completely pain-free.

Many dental therapies can be executed painlessly by injecting a local anaesthetic, but some patients are afraid of needles. Mild sedatives can alleviate needle phobia and numb pain sensations related to injections, whereas moderate sedation can eradicate injections entirely by simply taking a pill.

2.     It accelerates time!

Mild sedation induces a state of deep relaxation that causes time to seem to fly by and can leave you with slight or no memory of your treatment, even though you stay conscious and able to communicate with our dentist during the procedure.

More than 90% of the time, the medication used in conscious sedation causes partial or complete amnesia from the time the medication takes effect until it wears off.

3.     Quick recovery

The drug used for dental sedation acts quickly but also disappears quickly, resulting in a healing time of less than half an hour. Your dentist will closely monitor you to ensure that you are fit for discharge. However, you may feel drowsy for a few hours, so make sure to bring someone to drive you home.

Sedation dentistry has very few side effects, with only a small proportion of patients reporting shivering or headaches.

4.     Convenience and Affordable

Complex dental techniques without sedation may require multiple visits to the dentist as there is a limit to how much patients can process in one session. Sedation saves time by removing the need for additional appointments. With intravenous sedation, your dentist will be able to complete massive treatment in one sitting, freeing you to get on with all the things you would much rather be doing!

Sedation dentistry can also save money. Dental sedation treatment allows your dentist to complete your treatment in less time, resulting in lower treatment fees.

5.     Reduce Your Gag Reflex

We understand that having instruments in your mouth can be uncomfortable, regardless of which Hoppers Crossing dentist you visit. It can be much worse for some people who are born with an easily activated gag reflex. A mild sedative can significantly reduce your gag reflex, making dental cleanings and procedures far more comfortable.

Sedation Dentistry At Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist

While we strive to make every patient’s visit to our office a positive one, some people will always have difficulty coming in. Sedation dentistry is an effective solution that allows you to remain calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. If you’re interested in sedation dentistry or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Hoppers Crossing Family Dentist to set up an appointment. We will be more than delighted to guide you through the procedures.

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